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Coincidence of Wants
Curated by Leon Hösl & Magdalena Stöger, Organized by Wien Museum, Vienna. November 2023-March 2024.

Art collections are not only found in museums or in the possession of wealthy collectors: many artists also have extensive collections. However, these are not based on subsidized purchasing budgets or generous legacies, but are based on exchanges with fellow artists.


As in every major art metropolis, there is a lively barter trade between artists in Vienna. Accordingly, there are many private collections, which are mostly located in studios and living spaces and are therefore generally not accessible to the public.


The exhibition “Coincidence of Wants” shines a spotlight on these unknown collections. Put together as a group exhibition, the works shown refer fragmentarily to Vienna's complex artistic networks as a network of mutual appreciation, which can also be understood as a parallel economy.


Artists: Brishty Alam, Chris Boni, Martin Chramosta, Josef Dabernig, Karoline Dausien, Jennifer Gelardo, I want to become a millionaire - Artist Sheets, Séamus Kealy, Ruth Labak, Nicole Six and Paul Petritsch Lenders of the exhibition Abdul Sharif Oluwafemi Baruwa, Andreas Fogarasi, Thomas Geiger, Nilbar Güreş, Katharina Höglinger, Georg Petermichl, Liesl Raff, Julia Rublow, Johanna Charlotte Trede, Robin Waart.

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