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FOR...Dancing on the Street
< rotor > Center for Contemporary Art, Graz. June-October 2023.

This exhibition is an expression of transnational solidarity with the courageous women* in Iran. But beyond that, solidarity goes to women* in other countries and regions of the world who also stand up for their rights and freedoms. More than forty artists and activists, most of them living in Austria, show what is worth fighting for. The list of FORs grows with every artwork presented in the exhibition. In this way we will tie in with Iranian protest songs, to which the exhibition title also refers: For ... Dancing on the Street.

With contributions by: Masimba Hwati • Mirjana Mustra • Rozina Pátkai • Maryam Shahidifar • Johannes Wiener • Columbian community in ViennaIn cooperation with Camera Austria, Grazer Kunstverein and Forum Stadtpark

on my way to my identity.jpeg

On My Way to My Identity, 2016

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