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Forms of the Shadow 
Curated by Sunjung Kim, Organized by Secession, Vienna, September 2024 - November 2024.

The shadow is a powerful time image that embodies constant change. He never stays the same. The shadow is created by the double action of the light and the things that darken it. The shadow illustrates the movement of the sun, but its shapes determine what blocks the path of its light. The performativity of the shadow lies in its reflexivity.

The Real DMZ Project, running since 2012, is an attempt to reflect on some of the shadows cast by the Cold War. The focus is on the special geographical region called the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). This border, where heavily armed enemies face each other like almost nowhere else in the world, divides the Korean peninsula not only spatially but also spiritually. As a buffer zone between North and South Korea, the DMZ is a self-contained country that reflects the shadows on both sides. As a psychological defense reaction, the DMZ is a reality that can be deliberately erased from the consciousness of people on the Korean peninsula, but never disappears. It reappears at different times and depending on changing political needs and also casts its shadow on our post-Cold War era. The Real DMZ Project aims to shed light on the things that obscure light and trace the particular shapes of the DMZ's shadow.

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