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Curated by Christina Penetsdorfer & Thorsten Sadowsky, organized by Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Salzburg. September, 2022.

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg oversees an own collection as well as the Federal Photography Collection, the Generali Foundation Collection, and the art collection of the State of Salzburg. Its task is to preserve the collections entrusted to it, to expand its holdings, to make these acces­ sible to scholarship, and to exhibit them to the public. The museum is guided by strategic considerations when adding to its holdings. It might desire to fill in gaps, to expand an existing group of works, or to establish new focal points for its collection. It is rare for a museum’s collecting policy to be discussed in public. This is why the Museum der Moderne Salzburg has decided to organize an exhibition of its holdings, in particular, to show the public a selection of its new acqui­ sitions from the past seven years. It will offer insights how works have found their way into the museum’s collections.

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Exhibition view from Sammlungspolitik

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