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Space Uncurated #1
Curated by Amer Abed Abbas, Organized by MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation, Trieste. January 2024 - April 2024.

In the first edition of Space Uncurated,  MLZ Art Dep and Wiener Art Foundation present, in collaboration with Martin Janda Gallery in Vienna, a dialogue between the artists Nilbar Güreş, Turkish of Kurdish origin, and the Portuguese artist Hugo Canoilas. The depths of the ocean, a generating place unknown to our eyes, is the starting point for Hugo Canoilas in his search for a new pictorial space. In the exhibition 'At the extremes of good and evil' (Mumok, Vienna, 2020) Canoilas shows us a unique, living and ephemeral gesture. The painting, angled horizontally on the floor, offers a change of perspective that can also be understood metaphorically as a deviation of social experience and behaviour. In 2022, Hugo Canoilas had a solo exhibition entitled 'Sculptured in darkness' at  Centro de Arte Moderna Gulbenkian in Lisboa. Created for the 31st Biennal of São Paulo, Wildness is an iconic photographic work that captures all the feeling of crisis in contemporary art. In this work, artist Nilbar Güreş portrays a queer Brazilian prostitute in a "life act" scenario on the roof of a building above the city's foggy horizon, a kind of performance invented by the body, a life act that fixes an ephemeral and unique moment. Nilbar Güreş combines the idea of time, rendered by the Austrian philosopher Armen Avanessian with the practice of the first French ocean explorer of Armenian descent, Anita Conti. Güreş's practice includes photography, video, film, painting, performance and sculpture. In 2016 she participated at  Sydney Biennale and in 2019 at Biennal of São Paulo.

exhibition view.jpeg

Exhibition view. Photo credit: MLZ Art Dep Wiener Art Foundation

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