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mixed up Valentine's Photobox for Lovebirds
Curated by Franz Thalmair, organized by Mumok: Museum of Modern Art Vienna, Vienna. February 2023.

Whether trans, cis, sapioromantic, hetero, homo, pan, omni, poly or simply non-mono: On this year's Valentine's Day, all those who want to express their love can take a photo together for free in our photo box in front of  Mayzu (2022) – the tree of knowledge about gender identities and sexual preferences – in the exhibition   mixed up with others before we even begin. The work of artist Nilbar Güreş presents itself as a colorful, queer hippie fantasy whose fruit visitors are not only allowed to but are encouraged to taste in order to become more aware of their own sexuality. The  Mayzu tree consists of leaves with folkloric fabrics and patterns from Vienna, Istanbul and São Paulo, objects borrowed from the BDSM scene, bisexual bonobos and other colorful animals, and fruits such as neon-colored coconuts and glittering bananas.

We celebrate diversity – celebrate with us!


MAYZU, the Trans Tree (2022)

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