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Magnet and The Moon
Curated by Kevser Güler, organized by Galerist. November 2019.

The exhibition concentrates on the prominent forms and subjects Nilbar Güreş has been drawn to in recent years. Through the sculptures, spatial interventions she forms using miscellaneous materials including cloth, metal and thread, and staged photographs, collages, and the video installations the artist addresses the images of the body and the land; and gestures of fiction and fantasies embedded in sexuality and pleasure. Engaging with the political and artistic possibilities of queer and trans- feminist practices, Güreş pursues an embodied subjectivity in the context of daily practices and in various systems of oppression.


The artist looks up to fluid, transing, lubricous bodies which enjoy pleasure and bear pain; and to agents, forms and movements that aren’t restrained to only being images. Güreş is interested in the practice of covering and opening up, admitting or neglecting; sanctifying or blaspheming the existence of bodies in relation to various kinds of oppression and control systems including religions, colonialism, gender binarism and contemporary media culture.


‘Magnet and The Moon’ invites the viewer to an exciting encounter to discover Nilbar Güreş’s recent conceptual and formal projections.

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Die Schublade (2019)

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